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My name is Sarah Cooney. I am a qualified Executive and Life Coach who specialises in Personal Development and Bridal Coaching. I am a fun loving foodie and I also love everything to do with Mind, Body and Spirit. I am a Therapeutic Play Practitioner, Primary Teacher, ISPCC volunteer and I am also qualified in some Holistic Therapies. My biggest goal among many is to enjoy and make the very most of life by working on my personal development and growth.

I have lived in Cork for most of my life and it is one of my most favourite cities. I love the food, the restaurants and the buzzing atmosphere that pervades the city. Nearly four years ago, when I qualified as a teacher, I decided to move to London to gain more independence along with professional and life experience outside of my comfort zone. I lived in London for nearly two years and it really was one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences of my life so far! I gained a wealth of experience and independence, I made the most wonderful friends and I met the love of my life.

Since that experience I have realised that life is for living, I have unlimited potential, only I can make the most of my life and that is what I strive to do every day.

My work is my passion and I thrive on supporting and encouraging people to empower themselves, find a fulfilling purpose and turn inward to make changes within to see long lasting changes in their outside reality.

Merry Me Centre is about putting the power back in YOUR hands!

What is different about me? I founded Merry Me Centre to help people take back their power and realise their unlimited potential. I am young, yet I have a lot of life experience under my belt. I have already built up a dynamic career for myself and I know what it means to take risks and believe that they will pay off. I have made a few mistakes (who doesn’t?) along the way that I have learned valuable lessons from but I have had more successes than failures. I owe those successes to my drive and determination to create the best life I can.

I am a Professional Coach, Primary School Teacher and I am also a trainee Play Therapist.

I am dedicated and passionate about Coaching. It has changed my life and I believe it can change anyone’s life that is willing to commit to make changes (however small).
I use the Co-Active coaching model of coaching. This model is based on the premise that everybody is resourceful, creative and whole and that everybody is the expert of their own lives. Values are extremely important to us as humans and when we are not in line with our values, we are “out of sync” with ourselves. In a coaching session, a client’s values are explored at a deep level.

Sarah Cooney


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The main Values I uphold in my business are…


I pride myself in my honesty and it is one of my core values.


Confidentiality is extremely important to me and is agreed upon in the first session and in each session after that.


I believe respect is extremely important in every aspect of life. Respect for ourselves and respect for others.


I strive to be open with everyone I meet and through that openness I build stronger connections with the people I engage with.


I have heavily relied upon integrity as a core value throughout my life and I believe without doing so, I would not be as happy and content as I am today.


I highly value optimism and even though I know at times it can be hard to be optimistic, I have many times in my life seen the value of keeping the bright side out! This also rings true in my ability to see the best in everyone and everything, it is better to look at the positives rather than negatives because “energy flows where attention goes”.

Other values of mine include empathy, acceptance, creativity, equality, loyalty, freedom, compassion, fairness, family, kindness, reliability, tolerance, friendship, love, forgiveness, trust, spirituality, non-judgement, support, security, learning and connection.