Looking Back To Move Forward

Looking back to move forward is something I do on a continuous basis, but always on a bigger scale at this time when this yearly cycle is about to end and another will begin. I believe that there is a purpose to our existence as human beings – to develop, grow and love. To live […]

Vulnerability isn’t that scary!

This is what I have learned from Brené Brown, vulnerability isn’t that scary!   Long before I started reading her book “Daring greatly” I had decided I wanted to embrace vulnerability more in my life, and not too long after my decision, I started seeing or hearing about this book everywhere.   I am a […]

Face your fears and you diminish them!

The best treatment or cure for a phobia is to slowly and gently come into contact with the thing that you are afraid of.   Fear has wreaked havoc in this world and in our lives. We are afraid of so many things. We are afraid to face ourselves, we are afraid to love ourselves […]

My take on Meditation

It has taken me YEARS of attempts and about 20 books on “The best way to meditate” later but I finally feel confident enough to sit down in my meditation chair (I need a chair…and a nice comfy one too at that!) for roughly 20 mins and soak in the peace and quiet.   It […]


Definition: Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.   Task: What does success mean to you? Where did your idea of what success is come from?  Have a think about that. What successes have you achieved in your life, we naturally bring to mind the big successes but also make a conscious effort […]

Personal Development

Definition: Personal development covers activities that build self-awareness and confidence, develop talents and potential, discover interests and values that inform your life and career, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations. Task: Think about how you better yourself? What works for you, what doesn’t? What would you like to change within […]

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Definition: The comfort zone is a psychological state in which a person feels familiar, at ease, in control and experiences low anxiety and stress. In the zone a steady level of performance is possible. Task: To begin to step outside your comfort zone you must know where the boundaries of that comfort zone is.

Creating a Vision

“If a man does not know what port he is steering for, no wind is favourable to him” Task: Have a think about these questions throughout the week – Have you got a vision for your life? Did you always have one? How has it worked out for you?

Emotions: An Introduction

  Definition – Emotions = Energy in motion!

Non-Complimentary Behaviour

  Definition: Non-Complimentary behaviour basically means you behave in the opposite way to the way the other person is behaving.

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