Career Coaching

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What is Career Coaching?

Career Coaching

aimed at building self-awareness, generating goals or actions, and enhancing Personal Development and growth in order to get the desired results and career success!

What can Career Coaching do for you?

Coaching can build your self-awareness, your independence and your ability to empower yourself in so many ways. It can empower you to look at yourself in ways you never have before and have moments of enlightenment about your life that you never thought possible. Coaching can change your life in ways that you have to experience to believe. I only work with people who are ready for that. I believe that every human being is creative, resourceful, and whole. I also believe that we are beings with unlimited potential.


I am not (unfortunately) a genie that can wave a magic wand and grant you the career that you are looking for. If only! BUT what I can do is, be a support to you in taking stock of all the good, all the learning and development and all of the experience you have mounted up from your career so far.

I can help you to evaluate your current mindset and to figure out what elements are limiting you and what elements are empowering you.

I can coach you around delving deep and finding out what it is your interests and passions are so that you can bring them more into the career you have right now or so that you can build your new career around them.

I can help you find the positive aspects of your career that can be worked upon or alternatively help you build an entirely new vision of what your dream career would look like. I can help you to decipher the actions that would need to be taken towards making those tweaks and improvements or towards achieving that dream. How do we do all this?

With my coaching skills and your effort, we will rapidly increase your self-awareness, which will enable you to take big steps toward self-mastery and fast-track your Personal-Development which is how all of my previous clients have gotten their desired results!

We will discuss topics such as:

  • Bigger Picture Awareness
  • Career Clarity
  • Embracing Change
  • Career Identity
  • Perceptions and Reframing
  • Career Values
  • Interests and Passions
  • Purpose and Fulfilment
  • Motivation and Reward
  • Confidence
  • Personal Power
  • Boundaries and Tolerations
  • Strength and Resilience
  • Building a vision
  • Unlocking Unlimited Potential
  • Reality Recalibration
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Anxiety/Stress Management
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Social Relationships
  • Conscious Communication
  • Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone
  • Goal setting and Action Plans
  • Building Forward Momentum

I am extremely passionate about Personal Development, not only because it has transformed my life but I have seen huge transformations within my previous clients when they have worked on theirs.

So if all this sounds appealing to you, the next steps are:

  • Get in touch
  • Book in for a Free Consultation
  • We will make sure we are a right fit for each other in terms of whether career coaching is for you and whether I am the right Coach for you.
  • We will chat more about the Coaching process and the coaching options I offer
  • You have a think about it for a day or 2
  • And once you are confident that I am the coach and you are ready for change then your journey begins!

Executives, small businesses, companies, organisations and anybody who wishes to develop/improve their career.

Clarity on Values and Belief around your job/career – If a person is unhappy in their position, it is most likely because their values are not being honoured or their beliefs are limiting them. Coaching identifies what a person’s values are and it also identifies self-limiting beliefs and changes them for empowering beliefs.


Values are extremely important, especially in business. The first thing prospective clients are going to want to know about are the values upheld by your business/company.

Simply knowing what our values is not enough, we need to know how and where they show up in our experience and how we honour those values. That is where coaching comes in.

The main values I uphold in my business are:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Creativity
  • Support
  • Innovation
  • Trust
  • Professionalism

Together we can explore what it is you value and the best way you can honour those values.

Emotional Intelligence

It is said that hugely successful leaders tend to have a higher EQ than IQ. The benefit of emotional intelligence coaching is that it can raise a person’s EQ. Emotional Intelligence comes under 5 headings

  1. Self Expression
  2. Self-Perception
  3. Interpersonal
  4. Decision Making
  5. Stress Management

Innovation and support in achieving your highest vision for your business, company or organisation.

Productivity – Kick-start or revitalise the productivity of your business.

Improve specific skills, discover deeper learning and gain a fresh perspective.

The model of Coaching that I work with, requires a minimum commitment of 6 coaching sessions (€699 with payment plan available), these 6 sessions are carried out over 12-15 weeks. That is how you will get sustainable results and meaningful change and is what I have found works best for my clients. The service I provide is much more than just coaching sessions on their own, I facilitate a Coaching Process which centres around a holistic approach to your Personal Development and that process involves formal and informal learning. The coaching process includes email support (as and when needed) further learning recommendations and self-reflection exercises.

My Approach: Self-Awareness = Self-Mastery

clear focus on achieving outstanding results

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Benefits of Career Coaching

Dig deeper and learn

Career Coaching develops potential, improves performance dramatically and puts individuals on the fast track. This happens through developing personal leadership skills, setting better goals, reaching goals faster, making better decisions, and improving communications and relationships.

For the leader or executive, they will see clear and measurable results that could include:

  • fast-track leadership development;
  • enhanced leadership and strategic planning skills;
  • better decision-making;
  • higher emotional intelligence
  • improved goal setting – and faster achievement of goals;
  • ability to inspire and motivate teams, including across geographically dispersed locations;
  • confident communication;
  • improved working relationships.
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