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Email Support consists of Coaching through the medium of email. It is a more affordable option for people that are not currently in a position to pay for one-to-one sessions with me. It is also an option for people that suffer from anxiety and may feel slightly intimidated by the idea of one-to-one sessions.

It will provide you with an opportunity to keep building your self-awareness, stay motivated to make positive changes in your life and also it provides an element of accountability.

When I say accountability, this doesn’t mean that I will be breathing down your neck to make changes, achieve goals or reach targets, it just means that if you set out to do something and you haven’t been able to do it, then we can gently investigate what is it that is holding you back. At the end of the day, if you are engaging in the Coaching process, YOU have to be committed to taking progressive action and making changes no matter how small those actions or changes may be.


The structure of Email Support is in the form of Weekly Check-In Emails with me.

I will send you your Check-In email on an allocated day of the week, you send back your email to me 1-2 days later and I will send you feedback 1-2 days later again. And this routine will continue weekly.


The emails will go as follows:


  • I will ask you a number of questions which may vary from week to week to ascertain the bigger picture of where you are right now
  • As the weeks go on the questions will be catered to your needs
  • You can vent in regards to problems or areas that you may be stuck in or having difficulties with
  • It will encourage you to stay in tune with yourself and it will encourage a stronger relationship with your inner reality (Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions and Perceptions)
  • You will get tips and advice in relation to working on your Personal Development where appropriate
  • I will Coach you around setting goals, making positive changes, working on aspects of your Personal Development and general wellbeing, content and fulfilment.
  • I provide the structure and encouragement which will hopefully motivate you to take action that is achievable
  • There will be a bit of writing involved in terms of self-reflections and exercises here and there which you will greatly benefit from as this will enable you to build your own self-coaching skills
  • This is a confidential service and I will not be passing on any of your information, details or data to any other third parties

This is subscription service which costs €100 a month

If you are interested in signing up or have any questions please email

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``Structure is the one thing that has sky-rocketed my Personal Development`` - Sarah Cooney

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How will you benefit from Personal Development?

  • Live your life for you and not feel selfish
  • Build your self-awareness
  • Build your self-confidence and independence
  • Learn how to assert yourself
  • Move closer to the edge of your comfort zone at your pace
  • Put in place better boundaries
  • Learn how to appreciate the present moment
  • Make the most of your talents and skills
  • Manage stress and anxiety
  • Turn tough times, suffering and difficult experiences into opportunities for growth
  • Learn how to bring more joy, fun and love into your life
  • Repair and strengthen the relationship with yourself and relationships with others
  • Greatly improve the quality of your life

The benefits really are endless but there is only one way to find out for yourself...

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