Energetic Creativity

A powerful process unlike anything you've seen before!

From the age of 19 I have studied energy therapies, metaphysics and Personal Development, all very powerful healers in their own right. Every course I undertook, book or article I have read and video I have watched has deepened my ability to support my own healing journey and that of others.


My understanding of “everything in the universe is energy” has grown and evolved so much over the years that I now feel quite comfortable within the realm of interacting with the energetic quantum field and with each year that passes, my intuition grows alongside the ability to positively influence and rebalance my own energy along with others.


There are many tools, techniques and modalities that I have explored throughout the years but there is one in particular that I have felt very curious about and drawn to for many years and that is the Pendulum. I discovered early on in my research about the Pendulum, that it is fantastic for giving us information regarding a person’s energy, in the same way that muscle testing in Kinesiology can. Furthermore, what I have discovered more recently through a more in-depth study course, is that the potential of the Pendulum lies far beyond just your typical “Yes or No inquiry”. It can also be used very effectively for healing energy blockages/imbalances and releasing subconscious programming that no longer serves us.


My curiosity in relation to using the Pendulum as a healing tool has led me to develop an approach I call Energetic Creativity. In this approach, I get curious and creative with a person’s energy in order to help them heal what the root cause of their issue is. My Energetic Creativity approach is heavily anchored in energy ethics and hygiene. I do not work with or tune into a person’s energy lightly or flippantly. I always ask for a person’s explicit permission before beginning to work with their energy. I only work with individuals’ energy who have given me their explicit permission and I will never work in a way that I feel could interfere with or be disempowering to a persons’ life purpose, soul contracts or karma.


The results I have gotten for my clients so far have been truly life-changing.

Energetic Creativity Sessions are  such a powerful process unlike anything you have ever experienced before!

From start to finish, for you personally, I will hold a space of quantum healing, development, energetic creativity, and release of potential.

The Energetic Creativity Sessions I offer are totally unique. Within your session you will receive many energetic keys and activations to unlock your unlimited potential –

  • Support
  • Inward focus
  • Development Guidance
  • Clarity around growth opportunities
  • Activation of Energetic Creativity
  • Quantum Healing Acceleration
  • Deep Connection and Alignment with your Intuition and Higher Self

This service is unique in the sense that:

  • I do not read your future, there is no need because together we will consciously and visually create what you would like to see instead of what you might see – what you can imagine within, you will see reflected in your outward reality
  • I read your energy in the present moment with a mixture of the conscious information you will provide and the soul level information that will be intuitively provided
  • I support you to A. actively release that which no longer serves you and B. call in that which will serve you best moving forward
  • I do not label myself a psychic, even though I believe we all have psychic senses, whether we are conscious of them or not. I identify more as an intuitive healing facilitator
  • There is a very valuable process to this healing and like all processes it will take time to deliver, it is not a process to be rushed

The Process:

How does an Energetic Creativity Session work?*Express your interest – send me a message on 0871748648

When availability has opened up, I will send a request for payment. Once payment is received, we will begin the process – I will ask you what **Point of Development you would like to work on, what you would like healing for and what your questions might be in relation to this issue – ***this will be done over voice note on Whatsapp.

I will then pick a time to do the Energetic Creativity Session and beforehand I will text you to get your explicit permission to work with your energy.

At the beginning of the session, I will pull cards and choose crystals to help give more intuitive information and assistance around what is needed for your energetic healing and development.I will plan out specifically what needs to be worked on from there. Then I will start working with the Pendulum to tune into your energy field and work on your point of development.

Like any distant healing session, it works through quantum entanglement. While I have carried out sessions on people in person, I find the distant sessions work best, so that is why I only work distantly with my clients. Many energy healers will resonate with this as it is often stated that distance healings can be far more powerful than in person ones.

You don’t have to lie down or anything during the session time, you can carry on your day as normal.

Once I have carried out the session, I will send you a picture of the cards that came up for you and I will send you a voice note detailing at length what I worked on and any intuitive insights that came up during the session. Some issues (as to be expected) might take more than one session but in the results I have encountered so far, generally one session tends to be all that is required per point of development.

* Expressions of Interest – to express your interest in investing in a Personal Frequency Reading, please follow the link below and add your name to the list
** Points of Development – Anything you would like to heal, change, improve or manifest in your life experience.
*** All interactions will take place over WhatsApp voice notes, if you are not comfortable with those you can type your answers to my questions but it is important to be aware the energy flows more when using your voice to communicate.


€95 – For one Energetic Creativity session on one chosen Point of Development
If a follow up session is needed on your originally chosen Point of Development, it will cost €45

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