Frequency Readings

A reading unlike anything you've seen before!

Frequency Readings are a such powerful process unlike anything you have ever experienced before!

From start to finish, for you personally, I will hold a space of quantum healing, development, energetic creativity, and release of potential.

The Frequency Readings I offer are totally unique. Within your Personal Frequency Reading you will receive many energetic keys and activations to unlock your unlimited potential –

  • Support
  • Inward focus
  • Development Guidance
  • Clarity around growth opportunities
  • Activation of Energetic Creativity
  • Quantum Healing Acceleration
  • Deep Connection and Alignment with your Intuition and Higher Self

This service is unique in the sense that:

  • I do not read your future, there is no need because together we will consciously and visually create what you would like to see instead of what you might see – what you can imagine within you will see reflected in your outward reality
  • I read your energy in the present moment with a mixture of the conscious information you will provide and the soul level information that will be intuitively provided
  • I support you to A. actively releasing that which no longer serves you and B. call in that which will serve you best moving forward
  • I do not label myself a psychic, even though I believe we all have psychic senses, whether we are conscious of them or not. I identify more as an intuitive healing facilitator
  • There is a very valuable process to this reading and like all processes it will take time to deliver, healing is not to be rushed

The Process:

*Expression of Interest – These readings are by invitation only, on a first come first served basis
I will contact you as soon as availability has opened up and I will ask if the time is right for you and if you are ready to proceed with your reading.
Investment will depend on how many **Points of Development you would like to address and a payment request will be sent to you
When payment is received we will begin the energy reading and information gathering process
When we have gathered everything we need, I will begin the intuitive process
Once I have completed the intuitive process, you will receive your completed reading in downloadable audio format which will include the appropriate information, frequencies and energetic activations according to your desired Points of Development
It is a requirement to listen to your reading at least 3 times (I recommend at least once or twice a week for a month but you can listen to it every day if you feel drawn to!)
The more freely and openly you put your energy into this reading, the more you will receive in abundant rewards – we reap what we sow
I will check in with you after a month to hear all about your results
* Expressions of Interest – to express your interest in investing in a Personal Frequency Reading, please follow the link below and add your name to the list
** Points of Development – Anything you would like to heal, change, improve or manifest in your life experience.
*** All interactions will take place over WhatsApp voice notes, if you are not comfortable with those you can type your answers to my questions but it is important to be aware the energy flows more when using your voice to communicate.


€111 – Personal frequency reading – 2 points of development – cards and crystals
€222 – Personal frequency reading – 3 points of development – cards, crystals, sacred geometry activations

My Approach: Self-Awareness = Self-Mastery

Unlocking Unlimited Potential!!

Clear focus and unlimited support in achieving outstanding results!

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