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A collaborative approach to Leadership...

In my Leadership Coaching approach, I use the Evocative Coaching Model (Created by Bob Tschannen-Moran & Megan Tschannen-Moran) and a strengths-based approach to performance improvement, the model generates the motivation and movement that enables teachers and schools to achieve desired outcomes and enhance quality of life. A simple yet profound way of facilitating new conversations for leaders through Story Listening, Expressing Empathy, Appreciative Inquiry and Design Thinking.

“People don’t resist change; they resist being changed.”

(Evocative Coaching – P11)

Evocative Coaching Emphasizes:

  • Listening more than talking
  • Asking more than telling
  • Reflecting more than commenting Empathizing more than giving advice Inquiring more than demonstrating

Using the principles that the Evocative Coaching Model embodies I will:


  • Give you my full, undivided attention
  • Accept and meet you where they are
  • Ask and trust you to take charge of their own learning and growth
  • Support you in harnessing your strengths
  • Invite you to discover possibilities and find answers for yourself
  • Support you in brainstorming and try- ing new ways of doing things
  • Maintain and upbeat, energetic, and positive attitude at all times
  • Support you to build supportive teams
  • Inspire and challenge you to go beyond what you would normally do alone
  • Assist you to draw up blueprints for professional learning

The model of Coaching that I work with, requires a minimum commitment of 6 Leadership Coaching sessions, these 6 sessions are carried out over 12-15 weeks. That is how you will get sustainable results and meaningful change and is what I have found works best for my clients. The service I provide is much more than just coaching sessions on their own, I facilitate a Coaching Process which centres around a holistic approach to your Personal Development and that process involves formal and informal learning. The coaching process includes email support (as and when needed) further learning recommendations and self-reflection exercises.

Leadership Package – €1499

My Approach: Self-Awareness = Self-Mastery

Structured self-discovery in order to get the results you desire!

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``Structure is the one thing that has sky-rocketed my Personal Development`` - Sarah Cooney

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When you work on your Personal Development you begin to:

  • Live your life for you and not feel selfish

  • Build your self-awareness

  • Build your Confidence and Independence

  • Learn how to assert yourself

  • Move closer to the edge of your comfort zone at your pace

  • Put better boundaries in place

  • Learn how to appreciate and live in the present moment

  • Make the most of your strengths talents and skills

  • Manage stress and anxiety more effectively

  • Turn tough times, suffering and difficult experiences into opportunities for growth

  • Learn how to bring more joy, fun and love into your life

  • Repair and strengthen your relationship with yourself and others

  • Greatly improve the quality of your life and overall levels of happiness and fulfilment

The benefits really are endless but there is only one way to find out for yourself...

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