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What is Parent Coaching?


“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men” – Frederick Douglas

What is Parenting?

As a parent coach, I believe that parenting is a journey, whereupon you are blessed with the responsibility of keeping another human being safe, protected, loved and well cared for, in order to grow and develop into a well rounded, independent and competent adult that is capable of looking after itself and its needs.


Parenting is a full time job, once we become a parent, we never stop being parents even if your child is not present with you all the time, the responsibility will always linger at the forefront or background of your mind.

It is probably one of the hardest jobs you will ever take on in your life but once you strive to do your best, it will be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do!




What can Parent Coaching do for you?

Coaching can build your self-awareness, your independence and your ability to empower yourself in so many ways. It can empower you to look at yourself in ways you never have before and have moments of enlightenment about your life that you never thought possible. This will reflect so positively in your parenting skills and abilities. Not only will you see and experience the benefits, so will your whole family. Coaching can change your life in ways that you have to experience to believe. I only work with people who are ready for that. I believe that every human being is creative, resourceful, and whole. I also believe that we are beings with unlimited potential. Although you may not feel this at times, this is the position we begin coaching from.


Parent coaching can be a journey of self-discovery  and self-mastery. It supports you to merge and recreate your identity as an individual and as a parent. We can explore topics such as emotions, confidence, skills, compassion and love.

Parenting is like cooking. It depends on the meal or what is needed at the time, you follow a recipe, you gather together all the ingredients you need and you put them altogether in the correct balance. You see how it turns out and if something more needs to be added or taken away, you do so.

Children need your love, attention and engagement. They naturally want to be successful, please you and be like you. They need space to make choices, develop independence and make mistakes for themselves. They need your reassurance and that you are going to be there for them and love them even when they might not deserve it. To do all that, as much as possible, you have to be on top form and in an optimum mindset. Parent Coaching can support you in achieving that goal.

“The best kind of parent you can be is to lead by example” – Drew Barrymore



When you are heading off on your holidays and you are sitting in the plane, listening to the safety talk right before take off and they tell you the procedure for the oxygen masks, who do they tell you to put the mask on first?

My approach to parent coaching is parent centred. We will look at parenting through the lens of Personal Development and Well-being. We will look at your needs and goals as a parent. We will explore topics that are relevant only to you.

Parent coaching is about supporting and enabling you to be the best parent you can be. I provide a safe and non-judgemental environment where we can investigate what is working well and what you desire to change or improve upon. We should not be striving for perfect parenting, instead I encourage perceptive parenting, fostering love, connection, engagement and emotional acceptance.


I believe that when a parent is peaceful, content and fulfilled, their children will be too.




The model of Coaching that I work with, requires a minimum commitment of 6 coaching sessions (€699 with payment plan available), these 6 sessions are carried out over 12-15 weeks. That is how you will get sustainable results and meaningful change and is what I have found works best for my clients. The service I provide is much more than just coaching sessions on their own, I facilitate a Coaching Process which centres around a holistic approach to your Personal Development and that process involves formal and informal learning. The coaching process includes email support (as and when needed) further learning recommendations and self-reflection exercises.

To find out if Parent Coaching is right for you, schedule a free consultation with me. During this, we will talk about the changes you would like to make and determine how we can support you in achieving your life goals.

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With Parent Coaching you can:

  • Reconnect with who you are

  • Enhance your Personal Development

  • Be a self-aware parent

  • Become more confident in your parenting abilities

  • Learn how to assert yourself as a parent

  • Learn new techniques to make parenting easier

  • Put in place better boundaries

  • Learn to connect more with your child

  • Manage stress and anxiety

  • Turn tough times, challenges and difficult experiences into opportunities for growth

  • Learn how to bring more joy, fun and love into your parenting

  • Repair and strengthen the relationship with yourself and relationships with others

  • Greatly improve quality of life of you and your family unit

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