Personal Development Plan

Personal Development is not a destination, it is a lifelong journey…

We should never stop bettering ourselves because when we better ourselves, we bring out the best in us! Personal Development is about making changes within for a better life on the outside. It is about developing the skills and tools to cope with the ups and downs of life. It is about looking at ourselves in an open and honest way and seeing what works for you, what doesn’t work for you and what you could do differently.


Personal Development will not change your life, YOU WILL! You can read all the Personal Development books and do all the courses you want, ultimately though, you are the one that makes those changes and puts those tips and skills, you have learned, in place. As your Personal Development Coach, I will be here to guide, support and encourage you to make the most of everything life has to offer!

The Personal Development Plan involves:

Filling out a questionnaire

One hour coaching session to implement your plan (Via Phone or Skype)

Your finalised PD Plan will then be emailed to you


What does the PD Plan Cover:

Building your self-awareness


Values awareness

Goals you wish to achieve

Challenges and how you will overcome them

Motivation to Start or Continue your Personal Development Journey


Cost: €197


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