Surviving Christmas Package

Make Christmas as stress-free as possible...

Christmas can be a difficult time for some…

Christmas is not always an enjoyable time for everyone. It can bring up feelings of dread, anxiety, stress, sadness, loneliness and much more!”Surviving Christmas” is something some people find challenging. We have been influenced by society, culture and media to hold very idealistic expectations of “what Christmas should be like”

What springs to mind when you imagine an ideal Christmas scene?

– Big happy family around the dinner table

– Sharing and over indulging on delicious food

– Swapping presents around the Christmas tree

– Fun, love and laughter filling the home

– Nights out and catch ups with friends

But for many people this is just not the experienced reality…

– Maybe people don’t have big families or have tension or conflict in their relationships

– Maybe people can’t afford a big lavish spread

– Maybe people in the home are suffering with addiction and over indulging in ways that are harmful to themselves and others

– Maybe people can’t afford to buy presents

– Maybe people have self-worth or self-esteem issues and find the pressure to perform socially during the Christmas season totally crippling

This package is for anyone that would like to learn ways reduce their stress or anxiety levels and become more comfortable with the uncomfortable.

If this resonates, I am here to support you. These sessions will be personalised for you according to your needs which we will discuss before we begin.

We can explore topics such as…

– Navigating conflict or tension in relationships

– Easing and expressing uncomfortable emotions

– Stress, anxiety and worry reduction techniques

– Communication, expectations and healthy boundaries

4 x 1 hour * Stress Reduction Sessions – €220

*(or can be redeemed as 2 x 2 hour)

Single Sessions – €65 per hour


All sessions take place online via Zoom

Within my healing or development sessions, where appropriate, I use The Havening Techniques®, which is a psycho-sensory touch therapy, designed to change the brain to de-traumatize the memory and remove its negative effects from both our psyche and body. It is also a very powerful stress and anxiety reduction technique.

As part of its protocol The Havening Techniques uses the sensory input of human touch as a therapeutic tool which we have identified as Havening Touch®. 


The Havening Techniques® are powerful tools that can be used to treat the consequences of encoded traumatic or stressful memories. Depending on the nature of the encoded trauma it can be done with guidance by a certified Havening Techniques practitioner or by oneself.


Havening has three (3) distinct applications—the first is for emotional disturbances and encoded psychological trauma; the second is for wellness, stress management, and peak performance; and the third is a self-help tool. 


Havening can be described as a type of psychosensory modality based on the fields of neuroscience and neurobiology, which uses sensory input in order to alter thought, mood, and behaviour. It is believed that when an event or experience is perceived as traumatic or stressful, it becomes immutably encoded in the psyche and the body, often with life altering consequences. Havening is designed to make changes in the brain in order to de-traumatize and remove from both the psyche and the body the emotional memory of a traumatic or stressful life event and its negative effects. Therefore, Havening is a healing modality that is designed to help individuals overcome problems that are the consequence of traumatic or stressful encoding. Havening comprises a number of protocols; one of these protocols used as a therapeutic tool includes human touch, and is identified as Havening Touch®.


Discovering The Havening Techniques has been life changing for me on so many levels. I struggled for many years to find my true purpose in life and when I started my journey to becoming a Havening Techniques Practitioner, everything started to fall into place for me personally and professionally. I carried my own unresolved pain for many years and many times looked for support in the wrong places. I did many years of talk therapy and while I found it so helpful, supportive and beneficial, a few months after finishing up with a therapist, I would feel that pain slowly creep back in. I think this is because while talking about pain is an excellent way to identify and acknowledge it, that wasn’t enough for me. I still had lots of pain and hurt suppressed deep in my body that would only come up in very unconscious ways. Havening gave me a very effective way of releasing that pain permanently. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a work in progress but I feel lighter and lighter with each session I do! I can see now that releasing that pain from my body was the missing link in my healing journey. Plus the reward and results I get from working with others using the Havening Techniques is nothing short of phenomenal!!


What Types of Problems Can Havening be Used for?

The consequences of traumatic encoding can be physical and psychological. Havening has been shown to help with:


Chronic pain

Distressing memories (broken relationships, shocking news, loss, embarrassment, etc.)

Victims of natural disasters (hurricanes, floods, etc.) and man-made (war, fire, assault,home intrusion, etc.)

Anger-Fear of abandonment

Stress/Anxiety reduction

Self Esteem



Panic attacks

Sexual abuse

Performance enhancement

Public speaking


Emotional eating

Emotional Supression

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