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Changers Programmes

I combine Personal Development Education and Coaching which is a life changing combination. Coaching on its own is powerful but when you combine coaching with education specifically tailored to boost your personal growth and development the results are super-powerful!!

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is for people that have tried to to change their outward environment to no avail and they are ready to ‘turn inward’. Everybody comes to Coaching with some goal or desired change in mind and no matter what that is, Coaching takes a holistic view of your life.

Career Coaching

Using education, mentorship and Coaching aimed at creating awareness, generating action, and facilitating learning and growth, you will be empowered to develop and grow into the best version of yourself that you can be within your Career and working environment.

CV and Interview Coaching

Would you like your CV to accurately reflect your strengths, skills and achievements? Would you like to enter your interview with confidence? Book in for your CV and Interview Package today…

Leadership Coaching

Using the Evocative Coaching Model and a strengths-based approach to performance improvement, the model generates the motivation and movement that enables teachers and schools to achieve desired outcomes and enhance quality of life. A simple yet profound way of facilitating new conversations in schools through Story Listening, Expressing Empathy, Appreciative Inquiry and Design Thinking.

Teen Coaching

Utilising a mix of Coaching and Personal Development techniques that support Mental Health and can greatly increase quality of life and happiness levels.

Parent Coaching

Empowering you to be the best parent you can be. Parenting is a journey that offers an opportunity to not only see your child grow and develop but to reflect on how you are also growing and developing. Parent Coaching can empower you to reflect on and utilise your strengths/successes and inform your parenting skills going forward.

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